Society still refers ambiguously to the events of those days: one sided grieving father, the other condemned Kaloeva for the crime. In this book, for the first time in 15 years after the tragedy, Vitaly Kaloyev openly talks about the events that changed his life, about how the murder of Peter Nielsen, and whether it was accidental.

Vitaly Kaloyev the only one of the parents took part in the search operation saw the mangled body of his son and daughter, and personally transported them home. And after a year and a half after the tragedy, not waiting for the results of the investigation of the crash, he was murdered, as it seemed then, the main perpetrator of the incident - Manager Peter Nielsen.

The book is based on memories Vitaly Kaloeva. Also the book contains dozens of eyewitnesses, firefighters, police officers, psychologists, interpreters, priests, and just local residents who helped Kaloeva at the crash site of the aircraft. Who was Kahlo: a cold-blooded killer, who decided to restore justice as it is customary in the Caucasus, or a broken hearted person who committed the crime extremely hard in the heat of passion? Maybe the one who had to take justice into their own hands, so the culprit didn't leave the responsibility of?..

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