The COP believes that there are other, more gentle measures, less restrictive of the constitutional rights of the residents of Latvia. On the sole ground that the person convicted of a serious crime, without assessing the individual case is not always possible to confidence that the criminal record had permanently altered the personality potential of the teacher.

The contested norm envisages that a teacher can't work, a person convicted of an intentional crime, except when recovered or overturned established by the Cabinet of Ministers, the Agency concluded that the work of such a person is a teacher does not harm the interests of the pupils.

The case was initiated on the claim Raivis Weinberg, who worked as a teacher since 1998. In 1994, he was convicted of premeditated felony, so the institution in which he worked, terminated his employment relationship. The man believes that in this way violated under the Constitution the right to freely choose occupation and place of work. Agreed with the constitutional court.

The contested norm is null and void from 1 July 2018.