The head of group internal audit of the SRS Janis Kalugin invited to take a similar position with similar duties in the interior Ministry, the second retrovenar employee of the SRS — the rank of specialist in the information centre of the Ministry of interior. Both of them should within one month to decide whether to agree to rotation, said Kozlowski.

"New posts are created specifically to take on the work of the employees. The rotation as such should be supported as it does not allow you to stay in one place and is one of the measures to reduce the risk of corruption. It's not a punishment or a settling of accounts", — said the Minister.

If the personnel of the SRS agree to a rotation, after some time, the interior Ministry will be judged the same as all the other officers, he added.

As reported, the Deputy Director General of the SRS on issues of combating crime, Caspar Czarnecki transferred to the position of Director of the office for the recovery of tax debts.

As announced on 3 may at a press conference the CEO of SRS Inara Petersone, in General, the rotation in the SRS will affect 39 employees, including 22 managers of different levels.

To carry out rotation in the SRS before may 1, the CEO of SRS has instructed Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola. Further rotation of managers, the SRS would be regular.

Also the CEO of SRS is mandated to ensure that the institution no longer worked unscrupulous employees, on which fell the shadow of suspicion.