The inclusion of the FFK was given 28 votes, against — 24, including Russia. Two ballots were declared invalid. Thus, the football Federation of Kosovo became the 55th member of UEFA.

"This is a historic day — we join the European football family. I speak on behalf of the younger players of his country who have long waited for this moment. I will more actively advocate for the promotion of the values of football in our region. Football will help our peoples to live in peace", — said the President of the FFK Fadel, Woke after the announcement of the voting results.

Earlier FFK has already been partially recognized by the International football Federation (FIFA). Now may be considered the question of its inclusion in the number of members at the Congress, which will take place in Mexico next week. There's also will consider the adoption of FIFA's Gibraltar, which has already become a member of UEFA and participated in UEFA EURO-2016.

As for the question of membership of UEFA, Kosovo, the head of the Russian football Union (RFU) Vitaly Mutko in conversation with "R-Sport" confirmed that Russia voted against this decision.

"We did not support this decision, but in European football democracy. A majority decision was reached. We should abide by it", — declared the official and added that the football teams of Russia and Kosovo when the draw for the tournaments is likely to be diluted by the different groups.