The current modest celebration is very different from the scope of the celebration of silver, gold and diamond anniversaries, when the Queen and her husband attended prayers of thanksgiving in Westminster Abbey — it was there in 1947 held their wedding ceremony. However, the Abbey and today decided not to abandon the holiday and is going to ring all the bells, reports Reuters.

In honor of the anniversary, Buckingham Palace released new photos of the couple. Photographer from Agency Camera Press Matt Hawak took a picture of Her Majesty and Prince Philip at Windsor castle. The Daily Mail with admiration describes the mischievous look of a 96-year-old Prince and an answering smile of the Queen at the pictures.

Elizabeth II posed for the photographer in cream casual dress which is worn when celebrating the 60th anniversary from the day of the wedding. The reporters drew attention to the brooch of a scarab with rubies and diamonds — the gift the Queen received from her husband in 1966. The Duke of Edinburgh, who officially retired this year, chose to shoot on a gray suit and tie tie a Windsor knot.

It is assumed that at a gala dinner in honor of the anniversary will be 150 guests, including the German relatives of the Duke of Edinburgh and several European Royal families, including the exiled king of Greece. At Windsor castle there will be live music, including a favorite song of Prince Philip — The Way You Look Tonight Fred Astaire — and another song he chose as a gift to the crowned spouse.

How and when Princess Elizabeth first met Philip Mountbatten, Prince of Greece and Danish, is unknown. In the official biography of the Queen stated that this occurred in 1934 at the wedding of a Greek Princess Mary and the Duke of Kent, however, people close to the family of Windsor, I believe that the senior Lieutenant of the Navy of great Britain could pay attention to the Princess, once on a home-theatre Royal, where the future Queen played the role of Aladdin.

For the postwar of Britain, the engagement of Princess, which in the worst days of the Second world war, he remained with his family in London and drove the truck in the auxiliary territorial building, became a national event. The country's economy was ruined and the national debt approaching 250% of GDP, acted tough card system. In these circumstances, the people excitedly began to prepare for the holiday, has not been equal for decades.

Prince Philip at that time could boast of kinship with a number of European Royal houses and military experience in the Navy, but he was not perfect. To give the bride a decent ring, he pulled out a diamond tiara from his mother, Princess Alice Battenberg. This ring, by the way, Elizabeth II is not taking to this day.

With the wedding dress and the right cake is also a problem. Cloth in England was a large deficit and sold on cards. When it was announced the engagement, the young and not so women began to send the Princess your cards, so that she could sew a dress. However, the use of foreign cards was strictly forbidden, so Elizabeth had to return more than a thousand donations and to thank Parliament, which by the special act has provided for her 200 extra coupons for the purchase of the fabric.2.*

The dress was is one more difficulty — the rumours are circulating that the silk from which sewed the dress, was woven from the cocoons of Japanese, that is the enemy of silkworms. Unrest was averted only due to the fact that the origin of the worms was checked thoroughly — they were all Chinese.

By the way, the style of dress of Princess Elizabeth was incredibly successful and quickly became popular. With some variations his repeated designers of wedding dresses, grace Kelly and Kate Middleton.

Traditional wedding cake was prepared by the world — literally, with the participation of all countries of the British Commonwealth. Canada sent the scarce flour, Jamaica — more scarce rum, New Zealand butter. And in Australia the girls from scout troops organized the collection of donations and was sent to London several packages with glazed fruit, dried fruit, sugar and other necessary ingredients. Multi-storey cake exceed a height of 2.7 meters, and Prince Philip cut him with his sword. To the 70-year anniversary of the British confectioners are going to replicate this culinary masterpiece, writes BBC Russian service.

On the wedding day the head of Princess Elizabeth was adorned with a diadem called "Kokoshnik". This decoration of the 499 diamonds in the rays white and yellow gold bought for his sister, the Princess of Wales Alexandra, Russian Empress, wife of Alexander III Maria Feodorovna in 1888. On the eve of the ceremony of the tiara broke off one of the items and the court jewellers had rushed her to fix. Another trouble happened with the wedding bouquet — it mysteriously disappeared from the hands of the bride between her exit from Westminster Abbey and official photography. This did not prevent the Princess to send flowers at the tomb of the Unknown soldier on the morning after the wedding.

At the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip of the British Royal house for the first time refused the unspoken rules, according to which gifts to give friends and relatives, so that the gifts fell like a horn of plenty. Pope Pius XII sent the newlyweds a couple of cups for chocolate, from India sent lace scarf from yarn, woven personally by Mahatma Gandhi, with a large inscription "Freedom for India". Mother, grandmother and sister Princess gave the young a set of salt shakers, a bookshelf, and a picnic basket. Also cheering subjects sent knitted sweaters and jerseys, two pairs of warm socks and one self-made woman on a teapot.

All of the 2,500 gifts after the wedding were put on public display in St. James's Palace. The exhibition was visited by over 200 thousand people.

During the wedding, Princess Elizabeth insisted on the traditional formula of the oath and promised to "obey" her husband. Five years later, when Elizabeth came to the throne, Prince Philip became the first nobleman that brought the oath of allegiance to his wife: "I, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, are your faithful vassal and soul and body, and acts and thoughts. And true and right I swear he was ready to live and die for you. So help me God".

He remained the husband of the Queen and was not crowned or anointed at the coronation, he also refused to officially take the title of Prince consort. During the celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of the Queen in his speech described his role in its governance: "He's the one who is not very willing to accept compliments, but all these years he was my rock and I and the whole family, and our country and many other countries, owe him more than he ever wanted, more than we'll ever know".