"Me as the coordinator of the philological Humanities-educational action "Total dictation" in Riga and Latvia, none of the BOP never addressed, and, as far as I know, to direct the owners of the premises also did not have any questions from any law enforcement or since the organization of the dictation, not to her.

Apparently, the message published in news reportage of the program "Personal file," the Russian service broadcasting LTV7, is in the nature of disinformation, and I do not understand the reasons why it went on the air," said the Loin.

According to him, in a private conversation with him co-Chairman of the Latvian society of Russian culture Elena matjakubova noted that personally to it there were no issues because it is not the organizer of this event. The question, according to her, was ostensibly to representatives of one of the sites where the action was carried out at the same time she noted that as far as she knows, the issue was of the nature of the duty, and "that nothing criminal was discovered".

"And this is natural, since the "Total dictation", as everybody knows, is an annual international educational free event, in which thousands of people around the world in one day write under the dictation of a single text in the Russian language, to test their skills and discover native language again. In Latvia it is now in its fifth year, it is attended by several hundred people of all ages — schoolchildren, schoolchildren, students, adults.

Thus, journalists who value their work and assessed it with due professional care, must first of all find out all the circumstances of the matter and
to contact the Latvian sites for confirmation of information received.

For its part, I note that we are planning to hold Total dictation April 16, 2016 on the grounds, a list of which will be reported later. All additional information also will be promptly posted on the official Facebook page of the Riga Total dictation and the relevant groups in social networks.", summed up the Loin.