State academic dance ensemble of Belarus, the oldest professional choreographic collective of the Republic, working in the genre of folk-stage dance. In October 2019, will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The founder and the first artistic Director of the ensemble was a well-known choreographer, the honored artist of Ukraine, honored art worker of the BSSR Alexander Opanasenko. Under his leadership, the ensemble has become one of the best professional collectives of the former Soviet Union.

For outstanding achievements in the field of Belarusian choreography art in October 1999 the ensemble was awarded the honorary title "Honoured collective of Republic of Belarus", and in April 2017 - the status of "academic".

Over the years the ensemble has worked with such famous choreographers as people's artist of Belarus, laureate of the State prize of the USSR Semyon Drechin, laureate of the State prize of the USSR Henry majors, honored worker of culture of the BSSR Eugene Shtop.

They are all in their interpretation of the Belarusian folk dance sought to preserve its simplicity, the naturalness, the ease, the grace of movement, the richness of the picture. Reference dancing for the art collectives of Belarus became popular "lyavoniha", "Kryzhachok", "Midsummer play", "Blizzard", "Quail", "Polka Janka", "Quadrille on stools", "Village games", "Perestupi" and many others.

More than thirty years artistic Director of the ensemble is a well-known choreographer, Director, critic, twice winner of the Special prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus to the figures of literature and art, people's artist of Belarus Valentin Dudkevich. He is engaged in a wide popularization and propaganda of Belarusian folk dance as one of the richest reservoirs of national culture. The work of choreographer known for his bold choreographic style, striving for new original interpretations of well-established folk forms. Under his leadership, significantly enriched the repertoire of the group, updated the creative team. The ensemble has acquired a programmatic focus, a clear directorial concept.

Today the ensemble offers its viewers a large colorful concert program of the Belarusian traditional genre and contemporary rooms, developments in the field of urban folklore, the historical reconstruction of dances of the peoples living on the territory of Belarus, many centuries ago, dances of the peoples of the world.

The most interesting work of the ensemble in recent years - choreographic composition "Krivichi", a dance reflection of the folk symbol of the circle and fire extravaganza "lenok", the modern incarnation of the traditional dance, the Duo "Barbara," the eternal mystery of the relationship between men and women, "paparats Kvetka", a symbolic personification of the search for love and happiness.

New productions at the ensemble embodied professionally - trained dancers are young, beautiful, talented. The company consists of graduates of the State choreographic College of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian state University of culture and arts of Belarus and Belarusian state Conservatory.

The artists of the ensemble was appreciated by the audiences in Asia and Africa, Europe and the Middle East, the United States and Latin America. In recent years the team has toured in China, Italy, Lithuania, has performed at concert venues in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, North Korea and the United Arab Emirates. The press of these countries have always appreciated professional and artistic level of the concerts.

Concerts of the State academic dance ensemble of Belarus enchant the audience with amazing colors of the costumes, beautiful melodies, virtuoso tricks, gambling dancing.

Concert of the State academic dance ensemble of Belarus will take place on 19 June at Riga Russian theatre.

All additional information about the ensemble available on the website