"Konstantin has a heart attack, now he is in one of clinics of St. Petersburg", — explained the press-Secretary of "Alice" by Alexander Panfilov.

She did not mention what kind of hospital is 57-year-old musician to, in her words, "not to hurt the artist".

Kinchev became the lead singer of "Alice" in 1984. Together with the band he recorded such albums as "Energy", "Block of hell", "the Sixth Forester", "Black label", "Solntsevorot" and others. The last album of the band is "Circus", released in 2014.

Initially calling themselves anarchist Kinchev in the early 1990s, adopted Orthodoxy and has dramatically changed their civil views. In 2010 he was included in the Patriarchal Council for culture. The musician — laureate of numerous awards and honors, including the prize "ovation" and "chart dozen".