As a result, the head of the Commission Inese Laizane (Netblock) announced that the yet decision would be taken, and urged the Ministry of justice, which is the author of the initiative, to address the parliamentary fractions of different parties and to discuss the bill with them.

In the abstract States that the aim of the law is to ensure the existence of a cohesive and harmonious society, communication society and a hostel indicated in the annotations to regulation.

In the law there are exceptions, when wearing garments covering the face, it is necessary to comply with regulations. So, not prohibited helmets for motorcyclists, headgear, necessary for the performance of official duties, sports activities, participation in artistic and cultural activities, as well as hats, the wearing of which is due to weather conditions or health status.

Restrictions do not apply to the wearing of such garments in temples, Shrine and other buildings where religious activities.

The bill still needs to consider and adopt the diet.