At the same time politicians say that reform can not be carried out at the expense of local governments, and promise coping mechanisms.

Requirements of LSS is substantiated, the head of fraction of the Union "green" and peasants August Brigmanis. Their implementation will depend on the calculations of the Finance Ministry and negotiations between the municipalities and the government. Pursuing tax reform, it is necessary to introduce very strict mechanisms for compensation of revenue of local governments.

The head of the faction "Unity" Solvita Aboltina said that the party appreciates the Ministry of Finance proposed a tax reform with cautious optimism. Detailed calculations yet, and need to hear the answer of the Ministry of Finance.

Co-chair of the national Association "All for Latvia"-"tessema University brivibaj University"/LNNK Raivis Dzintars believes that the government is now very generously funded out of taxes and should not be considered deprived. At the same time without a strong compensatory mechanisms tax reform will fail. The national Association intends to concentrate more on reform was favourable for families with children at risk of poverty.