Vaccination is the most effective way to protect against tick-borne encephalitis virus, since no cure for the disease there. Often people refuse vaccination, because the vaccine does not protect against a different threat-borne infections – Lyme disease. However, physicians have noted that tick-borne encephalitis is a much more serious illness than Lyme disease, which in the case of timely treatment to the doctor fairly easily diagnosed and treatable with antibiotics.

Made in Germany vaccine Encepur offers quick and reliable protection against tick-borne encephalitis and children and adults. This vaccine can be combined with other vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis, it is interchangeable in the process of vaccination and revaccination.

The incidence of tick-borne encephalitis in Latvia is quite high. According to the Center for control and prevention of diseases over the past ten years with tick-borne encephalitis in Latvia 2759 sick people, 19 of them died.

Before taking medicine consult your doctor or pharmacist and read the instructions for use of medication.


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Preparation date: 04/2016