Since the adoption of these amendments to the legislation passed less than two years. During this time about 250 of the requested residence permit in exchange for investments in real estate. The majority of investors — citizens of Russia.

At the same time came to naught interest in the permit by the Chinese, who had previously been quite active. Recall that they used loopholes in the law that allows you to circumvent the minimum threshold of investments.

In five years, only 13 people have sought permanent residence permit. But to obtain this status requires a minimum knowledge of the Latvian language. Count and other requirements.

As previously wrote the portal DELFI, the Saeima will review the latest amendments to the Immigration law, the draft of which President Raimonds Vejonis not declared and returned for revision to the Parliament.

The diet can finalize the removal of the shortcomings in may or June, earlier said the head responsible for the act of the parliamentary Commission on defense, internal Affairs and corruption prevention Einar Latkovskis.

According to him, the meeting raise objections filed for third reading and then approved proposals, under which foreigners must pay 5 000 euros per repeated request of a residence permit (residence permit).

After reviewing the text of the law and materials on its development, the President said: admitted the flaws are so significant that they need to be addressed before the proclamation of the law. The President stated that the improvement need at least seven provisions of the law. For example, the law established a budget program that lists made by aliens 5000 euros per repeated request of a residence permit, is not provided with authority of the Cabinet of Ministers to suspend the issuance of a repeated residence permit, in the interests of economic development or security of the state.

The Saeima adopted several amendments to the immigration law on April 21.

In the new edition of the law, the Cabinet of Ministers is authorised to assess the impact of issuing a residence permit on national security or economic development and in some cases to apply restrictions for a time, but not longer than five years. Criteria are the number of third country nationals in Latvia or at a concentration in a particular area. The Cabinet of Ministers is entitled to make rules about what citizens of third countries and on what time permits for temporary residence limited.

In addition, we changed the procedure under which it is possible to obtain a residence permit for investing in the company with capital.

In the previous edition of the act responsible organizations, on the basis of information which it was possible to make the relevant decisions were given by the security Police, the Bureau for the protection of the Constitution, the state police and similar services abroad. The new edition of the list was supplemented by the military intelligence and security.