Maritime disputes generally resolved in the International court of justice, in addition, there is a special international Tribunal for the law of the sea. The Philippines has filed a case against China over territories in the South China sea, but Beijing has refused to participate in the process.

"We must resolutely defend national sovereignty China, law of the sea and other key interests," said chief justice Zhou Qiang at the meeting of the Parliament of China, without going into details about the center and its operation.

According to the BBC, China has 10 domestic ships — the largest number in the world. Last year, they handled approximately 16 applications.

China for decades, haggling with several countries of the region regarding the territorial belonging of a number of Islands in the South China sea, offshore which were found significant reserves of hydrocarbons. We are talking about the Sand archipelago (Paracel Islands), Nansha Islands (the Spratly) and yellow rock (Scarborough shoal), which China claims in addition to a number of countries of the Association of South-East Asia, including Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines.

In April 2015, China has announced the establishment of a land-based reefs in the South China sea. U.S. authorities later stated that the Chinese have deployed mobile systems of artillery fire on the disputed Islands. In the Chinese Embassy in Washington in response retorted that the Islands are Chinese territory.

In addition, in 2012, sparked by a territorial dispute with Japan over the Senkaku Islands (Chinese Diaoyu). The Japanese government announced the nationalization of the Senkaku Islands, bought them from the family owners, then in China there were mass anti-Japanese demonstrations, accompanied by pogroms. Thus, China's patrol ships are almost constantly near the Islands and periodically carry out the approaches in the coastal zone. Meanwhile, the Japanese air force planes regularly appear in the airspace over the Islands when flying near this area of Chinese surveillance aircraft.

The dispute between China and Japan about the ownership of the Islands has been ongoing since the 1970-ies. Japan argues that occupies the island since 1895, and until that time they did not belong to anyone. China insists that the Islands were incorporated into the Chinese Empire 600 years ago. After the Second world war the Islands were under the control of the United States and were transferred to Japan in 1972 together with Okinawa island.