A new Chapter of the adventures of Captain America easily can be known as "Avengers 2.5". For the third solo film of one of the key Marvel characters dispatched almost all of its superheroes kynoselen (except that Thor with the Hulk saved up for "Thor 3"). Moreover, the ranks were swelled Black Panther and Spider-Man. Footage of the great massacre lured by the first trailer, but the question remained, will the film deal with so many characters within 2.5 hours.

Yes, I did. This, of course, for the most part the merit of all the previous films in the series: most of the characters have long been revealed, mainly finalized or change some traits and motivation. However, in "the Civil war" the authors have dared to go further, constructing such a conflict, which allowed to look at familiar characters from another angle. Despite the fact that the main in the movie are Captain America and Iron man, Anthony and Joe Russo have managed to evenly distribute the time among the rest, so that no one attention deprived no more – everyone is pleased with either the battle or the humor, or thought.

About beginners. Black Panther, of course, could not be investigated, however, the introduction to a new solo movie was decent. Spider-man, which again the new, merged perfectly. The author's vision at this time given the still very green teenager, have only recently received their abilities, so that each outlet is crammed with jokes, cool action, but misfires and missing – tea is not a veteran.

What movie would you like to praise and just a little bit to criticize, so it's a script. For once Marvel had the courage and imagination the main antagonist to do not any next space alien, a mutant or a super soldier, and a mortal man. Yes, the motivation of the villain is trite, and the design does not possess any, but plan to split the Avengers is beautiful. If in the previous Marvel movies always explicitly clear, who is good, who is bad, this time a miracle happened – give the viewer to choose who to hurt, give thought to who is right and who is wrong.

"Civil war" directly continues "the Winter soldier" and puts the dilemma: to protect the disgraced friend, who is not without sin, and to hit that line of justice, or should we take it? Do the right superheroes to act on their own, or require deterrence in order to avoid casualties among the civilian population? Not so often in entertainment movie answers not so clear, and the split team doesn't look far-fetched (like Batman and Superman), but quite convincing.

It is recognized that tie length of about hours pretty tedious, and the lack of silly dialogs, and dullness of the scenes. But when the conflict reaches a climax, the party begins, the viewer captures a new stage of relations of heroes and surprising secrets from the past. And only at the end are placed points over i, after which more waiting for "the Avengers 3".
Summary - Marvel back on the horse.