Favorite and unforgettable "Alien" is a fantastic adventure about a terrorizing monster who appears and kills suddenly. Ridley Scott illustrates the danger of space travel and destroys the illusion of invincibility and oneness of mankind. Canonical predator surrealist H. R. Giger, who is born and tears people from the inside. What could be worse than natural hunting beasts?

And now quadrilogy (dare I say that "Prometheus" is a separate picture), there is a new Chapter. The colonizers of the ship "Testament" are on the planet, where they hope to find life, but shovel fear, pain and death. The world of the Engineers who created the human race and alien monsters, they do not find, therefore, do not expect a pale bald giants. About the creation of the world and other deep questions of life, the authors of the film do not tell. Do not dare to avoid. Who created mankind? Who are the humanoid Engineers? Why they hate us and want to destroy? Who gave birth to the xenomorphs themselves? And Neftebaza slime, which turns into something monstrous? More research that apparently lead to nothing.

Ten years later (!) after the archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw and Android David the traitor went in search of the Creators, the crew of "the Covenant", they find themselves prematurely awakened, decides to respond to the received signal from the unknown planet. As already guessed, this step for the whole team becomes a fatal error.

The place Sigourney weaver is Katherine Waterston, is as unflappable and stoic, but more sensual. However, this fiction is not an actor's movie, and this time we are not talking about feminism, motherhood, sacrifice and the salvation of mankind. Strange, but a solid idea and does not smell. a three-minute prologue, released by 20th Century Fox in anticipation of the "Covenant," swing a little more. David, of course, discussing with father Peter Weyland, the meaning of life, but the authors do not dare to go on the path of "Prometheus," so completely removed from the plot to the race Engineers.

However, Ridley Scott returns to the image of the primitive, transgressive horror of the original. A gloomy fatalism – the seductive power of home movies on xenomorph. Ridley Scott is a real visionary. Netoptima planet, where arrives the crew of the "Covenant", and earlier there came characters noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, is shown delightfully. Solid jungle, among which courteous Fassbender, who plays as much as two androids appear with regrown hair like a Highlander, dim light, thick fog, the image gray-swamp color, chilly rain and black blood.

Kadrs no filmas/20th Century Fox
Photo: Kadrs no filmas/20th Century Fox

At the end of "Prometheus," the authors pushed the episode of the birth of xenomorph to wink at the fans. Was it necessary? A sharp turn, but misplaced. The beauty of the first part of the randomness, the surprise. However, the audience requires a new "Alien" with people who are scared, facing a rabid alien, creeping around dark corridors and killing one crew member after another. Take it! The monster is already not quietly haunting, and wildly rushes that completely robs the story of suspense and paranoia. Now the beast (here it's completely CGI) breaks out of any available hole, so the film due to the abundance of blood and meat not scary like Alien, and disgusted. With each new step in the painting disappears mysticism. In the "Testament" Director rushes to the winds, only occasionally flirting with the reflection about the origin, not of mankind, and otherworldly creatures. Ridley Scott has become the hostage of a cult classic. In the end, the new film is torn between philosophical Thriller and a fantastic fighter.

However, in Prometheus, it became clear that smarter and more ruthless parasite can only be a human creation. The character of Michael Fassbender was most curious element of the prequel. David – the treacherous Enigma that is the monster of Frankenstein, and Frankenstein himself. The main theme of "Covenant" – the triumph of the robot over its master. Like it or not, but think of "blade Runner" the same old guy Scott. David turns into a mad scientist who imagines himself a God and leading to all sorts of demons. Why is David taking revenge on people is a mystery. And the character noomi Rapace though it had never existed. Apparently, Android just tends to create chaos, and the Director avoids the need to answer the questions "Prometheus".

In a "Covenant" tangible mysterious atmosphere. The film is full of Grand landscapes, captured by the eye of the operator Dariusz Wolski ("Prometheus", "Dark city"). Entourage is really fantastic. And the sound of jed Curses referring to the music of Jerry goldsmith, is excellent. However, the fact that the plot and the music is taken from "Alien" and "Prometheus", which remain stronger and more resourceful. Even the captions are straight from the first film.

Ridley Scott simply pulled the previous Chapter: a mysterious signal and a sudden change of course to an unknown planet, a cunning Android, horseshoe-shaped ship, the eggs, face-crab thing and gradola. The characters, for some reason, boldly wandering in foreign land without spacesuits, though similar to the characters of the ship "Nostromo" and "Sulak", but they are still monotonous, and stupid, for the team upon arrival, immediately divided. And the scene with grograman, piercing the victim's body, similar to the famous bloody death of the hero of John hurt. Moments with eggs and litigate beautiful, but Scott repeated. No pride, neither monumentality nor novelty. "Alien: Testament" seems imagem "Alien" and "Stranger." To be honest, the new movie is not even a heavy sequel to "Prometheus", with the exception of some forced moments. The naked eye can see, as the authors suffer from a desire to please the fans and "Alien" and "Prometheus". The artist died. On the screen the picture of a populist, wanting to sit on two chairs. The new part of the Saga – pointless mess, woven from pieces of previous movies. Forced, unnecessary movie that will be forgotten soon, even a bad "Alien: Resurrection".

Four decades later, after a journey of the doomed Nostromo, do we need continued and even more repetition? Of course not. "Alien: the Covenant" – stupid, screen, muddy bullshit with violent spasmodic action and narrative. However, the picture is fascinating in its own way, it's popcorn, though, and pretentious blockbuster. But what about the origin story of the Aliens? You know, other people just exist, because the universe sometimes scary weird. And Ridley Scott becomes a reflection of industrialist Peter Weyland, pursuing immortality. Ridley, old man, you know, nothing lasts forever.