In a press-service have specified that the note was transferred to the Belarusian foreign Ministry on 14 July, but the reaction from Minsk is not followed, reports TASS.

The film "Crimea" was filmed on a money of the Russian government Fund the movie, and the Director of the movie was well-known Russian journalist, presenter of the program "Man and law" on the First channel Alexey Pimanov, which is part of the Ukrainian black list.

The film tells about a love story against the background of events in Crimea in spring 2014, which has led to annexation of Crimea by Russia, which Kiev and the West called "annexation." Rental this painting is planned in Belarus in late September.

Belarus is officially still not recognized the transition of Crimea under Russian jurisdiction. Issued in Belarus the maps of the Crimea and the Donbass are still marked as the territory of Ukraine, notes "Nasha Niva". Alexander Lukashenko in 2014, said: "Ukraine should remain a United, indivisible and whole, but Crimea is de facto now part of Russia. You can admit it or not admit it, but this will not change anything".

The Russian film "the Crimea" (2017 release) is a dramatic love story of a young inhabitant of Sevastopol and Kyiv journalist who meet in the Crimea shortly before the events of the "Russian spring". The conflict between the two Nations will erect a wall between two lovers. Director — Alexey Pimanov actors — Roman Curtin, Eugene snow, Pavel Kraynov, Pavel Trubiner, Boris Shcherbakov.