Party with Karjakin Kasparov became the first after his return to chess. The rivals played the nimzo-Indian defense, Kasparov, in the beginning started to show aggressive moves win against an opponent five minutes. However, Karjakin who beat black, lost pressure, copernicia, and at the end of the second dozen strokes of the fight, for computer calculations, in the absence of gross errors could end only in a draw.

After the 44th move Karjakin Kasparov went to the world, resting in the threefold repetition.

In the second round, Kasparov was to meet with the American Hikaru Nakamura. Showing Grunfeld defense, the Russians immediately began to outplay his opponent, but to win black failed — at some point his position became even losing, but then put the squeeze on his opponent could not have American. The result is a draw.

In the final instalment of the first day's play Kasparov again played a draw. This time white with Perez. After three rounds Kasparov shares with Karjakin in fifth place (3 points). Ahead of Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi, American Fabiano Caruana, Levon Aronian and Perez (for 4).

The tournament in St. Louis — the fourth stage of the Grand tour — commercial series with participation of the strongest players in the world. From 14 to 16 August the participants play one round of the tournament on rapid chess, blitz competitions will be held in two rounds on 17 and 18 August. The prize Fund is 150 thousand dollars. The winner will receive 37.5 thousand.

Recall that Kasparov 12 years did not participate in official chess competitions. In 2005 he announced his retirement and nursing policy. Since then, the GM participated only in the demonstration parties and tournaments.

Kasparov — 13th world chess champion. He held the title of the strongest player in the world from 1985 to 1993. In 2000, Kasparov was able to return the chess crown, but is defeated by Vladimir Kramnik dashed his hopes.