Cirsis refused to comment on whether the proposed him to take this job because at the meeting of the faction "Unity" decided that to speak publicly on the matter will be only the Chairman of the party UserAgent.

The Plock Agency LETA reported that the position of Minister of economy offered her no, and reviews kalniņi-Lukasevica could not be obtained.

UserAgent decided to resign as Minister and to accept the mandate of the Deputy of Parliament, to lead the faction of "Unity". Yesterday, he asked members of the party his candidacy for the position, and she was supported. Formally, the issue will be resolved in the coming weeks, during which the "Unity" will propose a new candidate to the Minister.

The question of the head of the faction "Unity" in the Sejm relevant due to the fact that currently it is chaired by Solvita Aboltina, which soon plans to lay down the mandate and return to diplomatic service.