Какую косметику везти из путешествий? Топ-10 их "дзинтарсов"
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Obsession with organics on the island plays into the hands of tourists: the number of local brands one can get lost. The main natural ingredients in Australia remind the Breakfast is butter and milk. But for external consumption home bring soap, creams and balms, primarily with the extract of eucalyptus or macadamia oil (or better – yourself oil). Not so classic choices are cosmetic and therapeutic products based on Melaleuca (the plant, the properties of the repeating penicillin), sandalwood, tea tree ointment from papaya. A very exotic variant – to try the healing oil (read: fat) ostrich EMU. Dairy Wellness in Australia is ruled by goats: in addition to brusochkov soap company "Soap of the Billy goat" note on their shampoos and conditioners based on goat's milk, which often it is practically the sole ingredient.