Pear-shaped figure

The most important thing — to choose a swimsuit that disguises flaws and emphasizes your dignity. This can be as a separate kit or assembled separately, the top and bottom, and continuous option.

Bikini top have to balance the figure — to make your hips visually smaller and the shoulders broader. In order to achieve this effect, choose a swimsuit with ties or buckles around the neck, bright print or Ruche at the top.

A woman with a pear-shaped figure it is also important that the cut panty swimsuit was over the largest part of her hips. This solution will perfectly underline your shape and elongate the legs.

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Lush Breasts

Of course, Busty beauties almost any swimsuit will look great, but do not forget about the additional support of chest, choose a swimsuit that not only accentuate your figure, but will be comfortable for you to sit.

If you want, conversely, to avoid excessive attention to your bust, then do not buy a swimsuit with accented top. It is better to choose a swimsuit with a dark top and light bottom — so you shift all the emphasis to the lower part of the figure.

Pay attention also to the material of the swimwear — best swimwear for large Breasts are made of elastic material with the effect of the adjustment. The higher in the fabric of the swimsuit elastane content, the better it will look in it in your Breasts.

Small Breasts

If there is no need to buy a special swimsuit with extra support for the chest and a shift of emphasis to the bottom, you can safely experiment with the top part of it — pay attention to swimwear with different prints, embroidery and decorative details. If you want to add breast volume — choose swimwear with push up effect, drape or Ruche.

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Sports figure

Again, talk about the allocation of advantages and camouflage flaws. To emphasize the beauty of your athletic body, you'll like the swimwear with a colorful geometric print, vertical lines and patterns, as well as asymmetric straps.

To shift the focus from the broad shoulders, draw attention to your hips, choose a swimsuit with flounces, ruffles and other textures at the bottom. But remember — the smaller the bottom of the swimsuit — the more it will look like your ass.

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An outstanding tummy

Remove eyes problem area. Owners soft tummy should choose swimwear covering this part of the body. If you do not feel very confident, definitely pay attention to continuous versions of the swimsuits, but do not hide their femininity! Try an outdoor swimsuit!

For example, if all the "charms" are located near the belly button, try to find a swimsuit in retro style — his panties are high enough to cover this part of the abdomen.

If you opted for a one piece bathing suit, play with color — choose a bathing suit with color side panels. This trick will make your figure visually more slender..

Feminine form

If nature has awarded you full lush Breasts, soft handles and an oversized ass, it's very important to choose a swimsuit, equally well visual corrective and supporting all parts of the body.

For owners of the feminine figures of this finding are one piece swimsuits with cutouts of different shapes. Avoid narrow straps and very light tones. When choosing a swimsuit, be sure to confirm that the composition increased the content of lycra so that it is more durable.

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