Normal blood pressure for an adult, and must be determined only at rest, because any stress (physical and emotional) have on its performance. The human body monitors its own HELL, and at moderate load his stats rise by about 20 mmHg.PT. This is because the involved muscles and organs require more blood supply quality.

According to "the Newest Handbook of necessary knowledge of the" normal pressure in newborns is 70 mmHg.PT. Normal pressure the child, who was a year old: boys — 96/66 (upper/lower), girls — 95/65. Reports

Normal pressure in a child 10 years: 103/69 103/70 in boys and in girls.

Normal pressure in young people of 20 years: boys — 123/76, girls— 116/72.

Normal pressure for those who are about 30 years old: men — 126/79, young women— 120/75.

A person of middle age: 40-year-old men 129/81, 40 year women 127/80.

For fifty years men and women considered Normal pressure 135/83 in men and women 137/84.

For the elderly:
The following is considered a normal pressure for 60 year old men 142/85, for women of the same age 144/85.

For the elderly, over the age of 70 years is considered a normal pressure 145/82 for men and 159/85 for women. What is the normal pressure in humans old or elderly? For 80-year-old men and 147/82 pressure 157/83 for men and women respectively is considered normal. For the elderly ninety year old grandparents normal blood pressure is 145/78, and grandmothers of the same age — 150/79 mmHg. post. Blood pressure consists of two numbers, the top number is the renal pressure, the bottom number heart.

How to measure pressure?

To measure blood pressure there is a special device — a tonometer. At home it is most convenient to use an automatic or semi-automatic device.

To get the correct results, observe the following recommendations:

  • before measurement of the pressure needed to completely eliminate physical activity