Generous Easter table with delicious cakes, plenty of salt, smoked foods, sweets and meats — can be a real shock for the digestive system those who honestly fasted 49 days, not allowing himself the forbidden temptations.

Not to go after such a feast on reception to the gastroenterologist, or worse, in a hospital bed, should be a reasonable approach to his diet after the completion of the post, especially in the first two weeks.

Why is it important? For seven weeks the body gets used to work in a more economical mode of energy consumption, and inertia keeps it a little while later. And therefore, decreases the intensity of metabolism and synthesis of various enzymes.

So, firstly, almost all calorie Easter feasts are not going to strengthen the forces, and the "rounding" waist and hips: the body continues to expend for your needs, internal resources, and the calories contained in food accumulate for future use.

Second, it is not enough gastric juice and enzymes to digest a rich and heavy meal.

What guidelines should I follow to get out of the post without damage to health?