In the course of medical research found that approximately 1/3 of people in the body lacks an important nutrient — iron. Symptoms that can indicate fatigue, shortness of breath even during light load, brittle nails and hair, dry, scaly, pale skin and pale mucous, muscle weakness, etc.

In children, in which the body does not have enough iron, it is usually stunting and underweight, have reduced immunity and often attack different viruses.

It is essential to eliminate iron deficiency, because otherwise it can cause serious disease — anemia, which requires long-term treatment.

Therefore, if a person, for whatever reason, obtained from food, iron is poorly absorbed by the body or it is assumed that the current period of life the body will need more iron than usual, experts recommend beforehand to replenish its reserves, using food additives with iron.

So, who particularly need to ensure that the body has sufficient iron and it is recommended prophylactically to replenish.

Women, especially young and future mums.

In women lack of iron in the body relatively more likely to watch than men's, since ladies more interested in a variety of diets, resulting in often not used essential nutrients and trace elements, including iron.

And women of reproductive age during menstruation blood you lose iron. While many have very strong menstruation, women often don't pay attention, but with blood more iron is lost than can be recovered in the body, and in this situation it was recommended to use food supplements to replenish the iron reserves.

Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding is very important to make sure that in the body had quite a lot of iron. Moreover, pregnant women need more iron because, with the development of the placenta and fetus in the body more blood. As during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding from moms reserves of iron formed iron stores for the body of the child. If women have the iron deficiency, the gland may be missed and the child, and at birth he may be underweight or in the first year of life may develop anemia.

If, when testing States that the child has a tendency towards iron deficiency in the body, take the prescribed by a doctor iron supplements.

Children and adolescents

With the rapid growth of the child of iron in the body needs a lot more than usual. The lack of iron more often observed in girls who have adolescent start menstruating.

Even if a child or teenager uses whole food, it is recommended to have blood tests and, if necessary, iron to receive extra.

Elderly people

People often try to save money at the expense of food and personal tastes in food often consume the same products. So not used full nutrients and micronutrients, and it may be iron deficiency.

Moreover, older people often have chronic diseases, therefore, are regularly accepted drugs. The individual drugs, for example, calcium, magnesium, antibiotics (tetracyclines), neutralizing stomach acid may delay the absorption adopted food iron in the body, and thus it may lead to iron deficiency.

Supporters of diets and people who have more physical activity.

People who follow different diets, including vegetarians, vegans, and those who in everyday life does not receive adequate nutrition, may lack nutrients and be deficient in iron.

Men who in everyday life have a great physical exercise, you need extra iron.

In pharmacies offers a variety of nutritional supplements with iron. How to find out which one is most suitable?

Food supplements with iron most often available in capsules or in liquid form, for example, in syrup. Capsules have some advantages. Capsule easier to use — just need to swallow it already precisely metered quantities of milligrams of iron and, when used capsules tinged tooth enamel, as is the case in the use of drugs with iron in liquid form.

Children it is better to use supplements with iron in the form of a syrup because they taste good, though the capsules are children not able to swallow.

The preparations of iron may include ferrous iron compounds (ferrous sulfate, ferrous gluconate, ferrous fumarate) or complex hydroxide polymaltose with ferric iron. Ferrous iron is better absorbed, faster increases the level of iron in the body, eating it for about three weeks the tests may show improvement.

When choosing the drug with iron it is recommended to choose such, which additionally includes vitamin C and B vitamins, because they will contribute to the better absorbability of iron.

Vitabiotics food additives Feroglobin B12 capsules and syrup, contain divalent iron compounds (ferrous fumarate), as well as b vitamins and folic acid.

Available in pharmacies containing iron supplements for long periods. They provide the best results, since they ensure that the iron is absorbed more evenly and longer, thus the body can more fully use the microcell.

That was a good result, the preparation containing iron, should be taken long-term — at least 3 months. Definitely should not act in such a way that, starting to feel better after a couple of weeks to stop using the drug. Moreover, the drug with iron will give a good result in compliance with precise instructions on its use.

When writing the article consulted a pharmacist Mana aptieka "Valguma aptieka" SILANTYEV MARCH.

Dietary Supplement. Not to use a dietary Supplement as a complete and balanced diet.