"I want to tell my story about how I had to face with our glorious medicine that we soon will have to pay more. Although nothing, of course, in its quality and attitude of people will change - he began his story Andrew.

24 July about 15:45 I have a sharp pain in the abdomen was taken on the ambulance to the hospital. Paula Stradins. After my registration in the emergency room I was ushered into the corridor, where there were a lot of people waiting when they are called to the reception. I was put on a chair because all the wheelchairs were busy and not giving any pain medication, was told to wait until called. I have an unbearable stomach ache and I felt like had a fever, from which began to ache and go away the ground from under his feet. Chair after serving five and a half hours (!!!), I decided to ask the duty doctor, when I will be able to make? To which the doctor replied, "as SOON AS possible". So I sat, not knowing that with me, alone with my hell of pain and thoughts about our beautiful state medicine more than six hours.

When I finally accepted, I was already shaking from the cold, as the temperature for me was a very big 38,2 (I do this very rarely happens). As I was shaking, the nurse could not get my vein to get the catheter in for a blood test. She managed it in only his third attempt.

When I was put on a gurney and put the system to bring the temperature down, I heard the nurse told the doctor: "we Have a patient sitting in the hallway with a high temperature for six hours." To which the doctor calmly replied, "And what can I do, a lot of them, and I am one." And then he added: "what's the hurry, doctors also on strike".

So I lay there for two hours. Then came another doctor. He came up to me and asked what my health complaints. I once again told. This doctor sent me for an ultrasound of the abdomen. Ultrasound anything criminal did not show, except the polyps on the gall bladder. After I was again put on a stretcher. After some time all the same the doctor said that the blood test showed some inflammation, and leave me in the hospital until morning. All this time my wife was in the emergency room and tried to learn about my condition. To which she first replied that I had not yet examined, and then that was examined, nothing serious, and soon let me go. But I can't let go (I was in the hospital for a week), and she had one night to get home. After waiting more than nine hours.

After that, everything was very professional, treating me and the doctor and nurses I am very grateful. There is only one "but" - if I didn't have to wait so long. I brought in the afternoon. And if night?

But I survived. Like the many patients who are waiting for the specialist in the clinic for several months, and then another few months the list for the operation, and sometimes not months and years, and still can not die! I have a friend, 76 years old, and she joined the queue for eye surgery, said to wait about three years. Moreover, the intake specialist with family called somehow free although it costs 4.29 1.42.

Before always said that every dead man is thousands of them unpaid taxes. And now, apparently, it doesn't matter. Like someone else release this territory, which is referred to as the country".

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