Too often the publication of photos in social networks

If you "live" in social networks, it is possible that you play on someone's nerves. Check whether you publish every day monotonous selfies, pictures of their lunch or their four-legged Pets? Animals is, of course, cute, but large quantities of highly bored.

In 2013, conducted a study which showed that the abundance of photos on Facebook can really affect your relationships with people in real life, and not for the better. According to the author of the study, the number of photos is only interested in the closest family or best friends. Interesting fact: the family members don't like a lot of photos with friends and friends with families.

In turn, another study reveals another interesting fact about the photos: the expressive close-up (face approximately 45 cm from the camera) causes rejection and distrust of the beholder. The optimal distance is 135 centimeters. In short, consider anything you post.