Who is more fit personal training, and group who?

— It all depends on what is your goal. If you want to get in shape and do it happily and cheerfully, then you can easily go to a group session. And if you need to do all this quickly, or learn a particular skill, it is best to deal with personally.

For example, the goal is simple — to lose weight.

— Then there is an important psychological factor. One need the get-together, and alone they are bored to do. While others don't like crowds, don't want to glow. Depends on the nature.

Как получать удовольствие от фитнеса: выбрать правильного тренера, похудеть и пофлиртовать
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But if a man works all day with people in the evening tired, no longer able to see them at all. Then you really don't need to go to the group?

— It is difficult to say. Because one man was tired of people, but when he comes into the group room, there is a very large energy recovery happens with him. Psycho-emotional background is very high, much higher than on personal training. Even if you are tired and everything hurts, in a group room like it or not begin to do.

On the other hand, that you come from work and you tired, then it may be better to choose the training one-on-one, not to see all these people.

Как получать удовольствие от фитнеса: выбрать правильного тренера, похудеть и пофлиртовать
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What if the girl wants to study, say, dancing "go-go", but shy, feels awkward. Whether to go or not?

— Need. There are the same girls come that are exactly the same shy and want to learn, and they also have internal barriers. The only question is whether the person is psychologically stable. And there is some chance that the girl will come, and will not be able to open up, even if around everything will dance, and will not be disclosed ever.


— A person may be the fear of public speaking. Of these people approximately half. If the girl is fond of dancing "go-go" and do not want to change their attitude to life, wants to grow as a person, then, of course, she can take a personal lesson, quietly somewhere these dances to do, to enjoy looking in the mirror only.

The second variant — the person comes to the group training, overpowering self, breaks down these barriers, the fear of public speaking.

And besides the fact that to learn to dance, he becomes more relaxed, bolder, more prepared, able to work with the public. Huge changes happen in the body and in nature.

But if the barrier is associated not with a fear of public speaking, and, for example, rejection of their bodies, it can be overcome?

— Of course. All of this comes with time. Many people are embarrassed myself, my body, afraid that they will look... well, they have a lot of fears. And when they come to class, it is difficult at first.

You see, it is important little to change attitudes, to recognize the value of health can begin to get pleasure from the process, to feel the changes.

Even seeing them in the mirror, you will feel the emotional rise — in the body there are many hormonal releases. And now the man who came to the gym in some kind of worn sneakers, and old pants, six months later, comes into the hall, in a new form, cool things that make it slimmer. Already he is interested, wants to do, he wants to be in a party.

But interestingly, if the man dresses beautifully in the hall, that we are talking about?

— Usually girls dress in hall "a", just want to look cool. It is important that for her, this clothing was not boring. The best way to get to class bunking off or bored the girl, ask her to go buy a new collection. And that's all! As soon as the new collection is purchased, you got to hurry you to wear, showing all.

Как получать удовольствие от фитнеса: выбрать правильного тренера, похудеть и пофлиртовать
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For men it works the same way?

— According to my observations, the men dress up to show belonging to certain sports — that is sports, not fitness. Fans of martial arts, even if they do not do them, dressed in fighting shape. As if to show that they are in team and ready to chat here with others like it, soldiers. The men dress up more likely to get into the party.

It turns out that women in fitness more self-sufficient.

— Just when the fitness began, it was more aerobic, which came to women. For men was actually only bodybuilding — they are not immediately adopted fitness as a lifestyle. Now, of course, it's different, it has become quite a universal thing.

How to choose personal trainer? What are the criteria?

— This is a very difficult question. Because coach is selected at least in three main settings. The first is his specialty, the second sex and the third is his psycho. You can arrange, for example, the professionalism of the trainer, but he's a boy, and you need a girl.

Girls are more likely to do with the girls. Although it also depends on the person: one likes, that the man worked with them they were flirting with him, increase self-esteem.

Как получать удовольствие от фитнеса: выбрать правильного тренера, похудеть и пофлиртовать
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Others, on the contrary, I want them the girl did not want to be distracted by men who want to dive only in fitness.

With psycho is also clear: say, me man, he's a former athlete, a great professional. But we are starting to work — and not right for each other. That is, I, for one, quiet person, and he's very energetic. Training effectiveness will be very low.

Often, clients choose a coach for several years, trying one, another. But when you get to the point, be loyal and very loyal to this coach.

But if training still turn into flirting — how does this affect efficiency?

— If a person crosses the line, we flirt can help. Well the person does not want to go to the gym, he was bored, lazy, he's tired after work. But when there is this moment light flirting, he begins to play libido, hormonal release happens, all I want, and he runs to engage with pleasure. In this case everything is great. The main thing — not to cross the border.