- Beach season is very near. Let now our biggest problem will be to lose weight for the summer. So that in last year's dress to get in a swimsuit like yourself. The goals we set for ourselves are completely different: someone wants to lose two extra pounds, and someone- and all ten. How to lose weight without harm to health and whether to trust new diets?

When you need to start losing weight to throw off the summer 5 kg?

— We need to start right now: 1-1. 5 months to lose 5 kg is possible without unnecessary suffering. It's important not to starve and start to eat rationally and fractionally to eventually hold the result. If the weight is within the normal values, they calculated the body mass index (BMI), it will decline a bit slower. But it is important to decide it you want, exactly? For man elegant age, for example, those pounds — not too much.

How many you can lose by summer without harm to health?

— It all depends on your age, state of health and how the weight is higher than normal. But also on the body's ability to part with excess weight: all is not well tolerate this process. Experience shows that to aim to lose more than 10 pounds in such a short time is not necessary — it will be too much stress on the body.

How to understand whether you need to lose weight?

— If your BMI is higher than normal, if you have a large waist circumference is a health risk, so if you already have diseases associated with overweight, then reducing weight is imperative. Often people are motivated by the desire to change something in your personal life is also a good idea if indicated. But the desire to achieve the parameters and proportions, like some star or model, is not a healthy motivation! You must consider your body type and Constitution. Otherwise dreams will remain dreams, and the inability to lose weight until the desired result is to carry a lot of frustration.

Is it possible to lose weight without exercise?

— I'm for a comprehensive approach: to lose weight, you need to change the nature and diet and have to increase energy expenditure through physical activity. Just "not eat" — is harmful and ineffective.

How not to ruin health in the fight against obesity?

— The main thing — not to trust pseudonimem from tabloid magazines. To follow their advice — at least recklessly. Maybe health and will not fail, but the result will probably be short-lived. The process should be managed by the specialist who will write the program step-by-step of parting with excess weight taking into account individual peculiarities of a person.

How do you feel about diets, completely eliminating carbohydrates? Why inventors of new diets now fighting carbs instead of fats?

— I don't like the word "diet", when applied to the process of weight loss. I prefer to talk about the integrated program: changing nutrition is just a part of it. The exception of those or other components of the food, whether carbohydrates or fats, practiced for over half a century.

However, it is now clear that it can only be used for short-term programs as fasting days.

Which would entail the exclusion of carbs? In the long term, lack of energy, fatigue, asthenia. And, of course, lack of enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants that are in foods that contain carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, cereals.

How do you feel about intuitive eating? Does this mean in practice that a person allows himself to eat what they want, including harmful? How to really understand what your body needs?

— You can fight the urge to eat more than you need. To achieve results only if you believe in it. For me intuitive eating — one way to reduce the overweight. If it inspires me — please! The result — excellent! Go ahead and continue to eat on a whim! If not, go to another program, maybe more rational, more suitable. However, I want to change those eating habits, which allowed to intuitively gain weight.

Why in the fight against excess weight at some point he ceases to leave, although people still stick to the diet and exercise?

— The weight decreases only until such time as the amount of calories from food, less calories. When the equilibrium period "weight plateau". This is a period of adaptation of the organism in new conditions. It is very important! You can be patient, continuing to eat rationally, moderately and regularly doing sports reduce the excess weight will continue, but slowly. Or to give it momentum due to the non-fasting fasting days and increase the intensity or duration of workouts.

How do you assess the fashion movement adipositivity when women with weight often goes far beyond a normal BMI, I am proud of my body and actively demonstrate, calling the other "big girls" to do the same?

— The main thing is how man relates to his appearance. If someone wants to change it, and it almost always has a good reason — let them try. If he wants to leave it as is his right. But the aggressive intrusion of something I do not welcome.

Among young people often have different movements, but their followers do not have enough knowledge and life experience.

This is the case. The problem is that as painful thinness and of overweight is primarily a health problems. Need to know about it!

What you as a nutritionist never never will be there?

— Perhaps you can try everything. And something new to get the taste experience, and something familiar, but "harmful", just to remind myself that taste again and make sure nothing interesting in this product.2.*