About car care all year, but with winter approaching, care should be given special attention. Services licensed auto dealers usually offer special winter programs that will provide safe driving in the autumn and winter season. But if you want to take care of your car yourself, here's what experts recommend.

Replace winter tires if they become unreliable

In autumn and winter, when the weather is not kind and driving can be difficult, as the tyres need to pay special attention. With the erased tyres no safe ride will not. To determine whether you need new tires, it is necessary to measure the tread depth. She must be at least four millimeters. In Latvia the vehicles must be equipped with winter tires between 1 December to 1 March.

"Good quality winter tires provide good grip car with the road and safe driving, thus the driver is healthy and happy. Regardless of the drive and the age of your car, invest in a quality corresponding to the driving style of the winter tires will pay off always. Perhaps the time has come to change not only tires, but wheels themselves," says head of after-sales Department,"Inchcape Motors Latvia" Leonid Pavlov.

You need to regularly check the air pressure in the tires. How it should be written, as a rule, in the manual for your car. Too high pressure reduces grip, and too low increases the fuel consumption and the rate of tyre wear. Before the onset of winter should be checked and the condition of the spare wheel, so that if needed it was ready to work.

Check the battery status, so you don't have to hurry to buy a new one

Cold and wet weather — a real "executioner" for batteries. Good battery in the cold will make the car slower and the bad "die". If you have a multimeter, the test can be carried out independently.

In normal condition, if the machine is not opened, the voltage should be above 10 volts if car is running above 12 volts. Of course, the suspect battery can be charged indoors, but if the car is regularly hard to start, it is likely that in winter the battery at some point fail.

The battery status is most convenient to verify in the service station, where in case of need you can immediately buy a new one. It is only necessary to remember that the battery should just fit exactly to your vehicle.

Also worth thinking about backup options. The best solution is a modern auto starter is a portable power generator. It will not have to rely on the help of someone who will give you a jump start. In addition, this device is usually a USB port that will charge your mobile phone.

Replace the liquid for washing the windscreen and brushes

Experienced riders even in the middle of the night I will say that before the onset of winter it is necessary to change a liquid for washing the windscreen and brushes. The composition of the winter liquid includes the alcohol, which in frosty weather do not allow the brushes to freeze to the glass, and the temperature of its freezing point lower than water, so the glass will be clean and with a small minus.

Worn down brushes do not clean the glass and may scratch. Another possibility is to cover the glass with specialized nanocoating that repels snow, mud and rain water. Then the glasses are easy to clean, brushes are used less often, and way better foreseeable in all winter weather conditions.

Check the antifreeze level

Antifreeze does not allow you to freeze the cooling system of the engine. Its quality can be checked in the service or independently using a special device. Just remember that this procedure should be carried out at the time when the motor is cold. If the freezing point of antifreeze to be unsatisfactory, it must be replaced.

Regularly clean headlight

Sounds simple, but the way it is. In winter the days are shorter, the weather is overcast, so the light of the need to pay special attention. Regularly check whether lit lighting, and regularly clean lights. Salt and dirt quickly make them unclean. May want to store in car back-up light to in case of need it can quickly be replaced.

If you do not feel confident, leave the test vehicle to the professionals
If there is no time or certainty that nothing is forgotten, should deliver the car in service, employees who will professionally prepare it for the winter and eliminate all the flaws. For example, in BMW service, this means checking the brakes, battery, windscreen wipers, heating and of tires, monitoring the coolant level, antifreeze and oil, and elimination of identified defects.

Tidy car and interior

The machine wintered well, it is not only wash, but also to handle the body with a special coating that will protect from negative influence of environment, including minor scratches and splinters, will facilitate further care and will give the flooring a pleasant tone. Autumn is the best time to upgrade equipment, for example, to change the rubber mats.

Keep your car ready for winter

Winter weather conditions tend to change very quickly. If you like long trips, think about the area of winter "emergency". Of course, in the car have to be an emergency triangle, first aid kit and reflective vest, but it is necessary to take care of the charger for mobile phone, ice scraper, de-icer, small shovel, rope, flashlight, gloves, and perhaps a Packed lunch.

Drivers who like to enjoy winter, I do not advise to go a long journey without any extra blankets and spare shoes. Latvia — not the most dangerous place, but in winter it is better to be safe than cold.