The Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army General Joseph Dunford assured that diplomacy remained Washington's priority, however there are prepared to the military scenario, if sanctions against Pyongyang will not bring results.

North Korea on Monday said that any armed conflict in any case will turn into a nuclear war.

On Monday, China issued a decree aimed at prohibition of import of certain goods from North Korea — in accordance with the UN sanctions, which were announced earlier.

Sanctions were imposed in response to the multiple launches of ballistic missiles by North Korea and increased military rhetoric from Pyongyang.

In response to the last test the President of the United States Donald trump has threatened North Korea "with fire and fury, which the world has never seen".

North Korea, in turn, has threatened U.S. attack on the island of GUAM, where the American military base.

"Our main priority is the national interest of South Korea, and our national interest is the world — said Monday the moon Gain. I am confident that the United States in this situation will react in a calm and responsible manner, in accordance with the direction of our policy".

He also mentioned that the Korean war 1950-53 "claimed over a million lives, turned cities into ruins and cemented the division of the Peninsula".

The South Korean leader urged the DPRK "to immediately stop all provocations and hostile rhetoric, instead of continue to worsen the situation".

General Joseph Dunford during his visit in Seoul assured the South Korean leadership of the US commitment to diplomacy, but stressed: "As a captain I have to make sure that the President has implemented military options in case diplomatic and economic pressure fail". After Seoul Dunford will travel to China and Japan.

North Korean state Agency KCNA said Monday that the conflict could erupt because of a "minor incident".
"The problem is that, if war comes, it can only lead to nuclear war, — stated in the message. — We follow every detail in the United States".

On Sunday, the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo said that the immediate threat of nuclear war with North Korea.