"I have to say that the Latvian language, and this, of course, a very dangerous idea, no market value. This is true, if you look at the ads to work — Russian, English, German and so on. Without the Latvian language, except for some industries, it is possible to do.

I don't want to offend the Latvian language and I like to see all the people spoke the Latvian language, received a good education, but we must understand that the market value of the Russian language more than the Latvian language", — said the politician, stressing that in today's world it is very important to get a good education.

Previously co-chair of the National Association (Netblock) Raivis Dzintars said that soon will be presented the amendments to the labour Law. Their goal is to resolve the situation when the Latvian youth is difficult to find a job because of disproportionate requirements to the knowledge of the Russian language.

The amendments will protect the workers who will be allowed in the service sector do not speak with the residents of Latvia in other languages.

According to Dzintars, the employee "will be able household by setting the" serves whether he is foreigner or inhabitant of Latvia.

The politician admitted that knowing languages is important but in this case it's not about the knowledge of foreign languages in General, but about "the specific language media which seek to present him as the second state", referring to Russian.