"Her name is Sophie, and she gave me your number!" said 18-year-old Lee de Peau reporters.

A boy and his friends threw a party in the dormitory town of Innisfail. Night Australian young man, well warmed up alcohol, began to argue that can swim across the river and jumped into the water from the pier, reports News.com.au.

Almost immediately the swimmer grabbed the left hand three-meter crocodile. "He dragged me at six meters from the pier. I hit him once on the nose, and he loosened his grip. Then I got dealt another blow, right between the eyes. I was lucky — it just spat me out" — told the victim.

The girl was trying to impress the Australian, 24-year-old Sophie Paterson, says that it all happened pretty quickly. "He just jumped in and immediately began beating the water and shouting," said she.

Friends pulled the young man out of the water and with multiple fractures was sent to the hospital where he was operated on. According to doctors, the boy was lucky he survived the incident and escaped.

The incident occurred in the midst of the discussion about the need to reduce the population of crocodiles in Northern Queensland. A few hours before the incident, authorities found the body of a man who allegedly was killed by a crocodile while spearfishing.