Reports RBC, according to Juncker, Catalonia — "great big problem". He believes that the situation in the region has spawned an internal "split in the Spanish and Catalan society," creating problems "within families, among friends". "I don't like the situation that has formed: it is a catastrophe," — said the head of the European Commission.

"This was never supposed to be," he said.

The Parliament of Catalonia adopted the Declaration on the region's independence from Spain on 27 October on the basis of the results of the referendum on 1 October. Madrid did not recognize neither the referendum nor the decision of the Catalan deputies and the government. The Catalan Parliament was dissolved, de facto, temporarily abolished the autonomy with the introduction of the 155-th article of the Spanish Constitution — the direct control of the region from Madrid. the Declaration of independence was annulled by the Constitutional court of Spain.

The part of deputies of the Parliament of Catalonia and members of the government were arrested. The former President of Generalitat region Carles Pujdeme with four companions fled to Belgium, saying on the eve of the intention to establish a "government in exile". Spanish prosecutors issued a warrant for the arrest Pokdemon and requires such a document from the authorities of the European Union. However, in Brussels Putteman was released after 24 hours of detention, although he was forbidden to leave Belgium.