When EDRI was 25 years old, her weight reached 124 kg. But she was in no hurry to lose weight.
I loved to watch movies, surrounded by snacks and coke. For me the problem was to go outside to take a walk. Aching back, legs, and clothes I had only black leggings and a loose t-shirt. But I did not think about how to lose weight.

Outlook and attitude EDRI helped change one unpleasant incident.

"At the end of 2011 I looked at my legs and was horrified. They are swollen... Like people working in the medical field, I immediately realized that it was not good. I was scared. At this point I realized that I wanted to live and be beautiful, not to fight with diabetes or other serious problems associated with excess weight," she says.

The case is in the fact that in the 49 years from diabetes died, the girl's father. Therefore, understanding the complexity of the situation, EDRI decided to act immediately.

"I stopped eating fast food and similar junk food, refused the soda and started counting calories. During the first month of arduous transformation I lost about 7 pounds. for me It was the big achievement".

Foto: Instagram