Lucky finalists in the senior group classes we have already announced, and now it's time to call the best 18 teams among 4-5 classes, which will go to the final "ZZ Championship". There they will compete not only for prizes (sports bikes, smartphones from Huawei and thrilling journey to Latvia), but also be able to spend the last days of spring with family and friends, enjoying the fantastic atmosphere, the performances of the most popular Latvian musicians to participate in master classes of recognized athletes, creative workshops and other adventures on water and land.

Despite the fact that the team has done a long journey of several hundred kilometers from his hometown, all approached the competition in a cheerful mood and deftly coped with one job after another. Holders 1st place — 5th grade Blomskog primary school — is best fulfilled the task to the intelligence and orienteering in the forest, and set "Mugursombols" when one of the team members had to catch in a stylized backpack big ball, which through the barrier with the sheets and threw his teammates. As acknowledged by the students themselves and teachers, the main tasks was to keep calm, not to hurry and to act as one unit.

The job on the intellect and the orientation class was also successful largely because of judgment, well planned route and separation of duties. Note: classes, 2nd and 3rd places are also very successfully coped with the orienteering in the forest, proving that the "ZZ championship" — truly universal game, which combines and athletic skills, and erudition, and, of course, solidarity and mutual respect.

18 teams that went through to the next stage of the Championship ZZ":

1. 5-grade Blomskog primary school
2. 5th class From Ogre primary school
3. 4th class With gulbinskas secondary school
4. 5th class With the 1st preiļi primary school
5. 5th grade Smilansky Central high school
6. 5th class secondary school, Valmiera Viestura
7. 5th In class Balvi primary school
8. 5th D class Valmiera elementary school
9. 5th In class 2nd cēsis primary school
10. 5th With a class One of primary schools
11. 5th In class Lielvārde secondary school, Edgar Cauline
12. 5th And class Salacgrīva secondary school
13. 5th grade Vecpiebalga secondary school
14. 5th In class Ribinskoe secondary school
15. 4th class Lielvārde secondary school, Edgar Cauline
16. 5th In class 2nd gulbinskas secondary school
17. 5th In class 1st Madona secondary school
18. 5th And class sescoi primary school

Remember that for classes, which this time failed to get to the semi-finals, nothing is yet lost. "ZZ championship" offers a second chance and to take part in the online championship. After completing a very simple task, 18 more classes will be able to go along with the winners of the semifinals to the finals of "ZZ Championship" in Jurmala.

While the finalists are preparing to conquer Olympus "ZZ Championship", and other classes, taking advantage of a second chance, shooting a video on the theme "Everything is possible", the students of the Riga region and part of Vidzeme region schools gather for the next semifinal, which after a short week break from 11 to 13 may will be held in Jelgava, the Zemgale Olympic centre. And with the finalists of "ZZ Championship" we'll meet at the "Festival ZZ" which will be held in the framework of the holiday resort in Jurmala on may 28.