A few days ago in training 39-year-old Nieto did a back flip, but made a mistake and landed on his head. He was hospitalized, and the athlete didn't feel the limbs and had problems breathing. In the hospital Jamie had recovered part of the sensitivity of the hands and feet, but move the jumper cannot.

Currently Nieto is gradually recovering after surgery, every day his condition improves. Doctors assumed he had a dislocated spinal disc that affected the nerve endings.

Yet it turned out that Nieto did not have health insurance, but former colleagues have started a fundraiser online on his rehabilitation.

The athlete has already completed his professional career and recently was engaged in trainer's activity. Jamie Nieto — the participant of two Olympic games: in 2004, with a personal record of 2.34 m he remained in a step from a medal, finishing in fourth place, and in 2012, London remained the sixth.