The authors conducted a statistical study and as a result came to the conclusion that a romantic relationship with a woman decrease the rate men's walk.

Scientists believe that this phenomenon may have evolutionary roots: in ancient times a man was forced to adapt to the slower "female baud rate". The reverse process (i.e. the "acceleration" of the weaker sex) would be a disadvantage, because the woman's body would have in this case to expend more energy that could be directed in a more useful direction — namely, reproductive function.

The study was conducted at the Pacific University in Seattle (Washington, USA), a research group headed by Dr. Cara wall-Scheffler. The researchers worked with a group of volunteers consisting of 22 men. The focus was the speed of walking in different conditions: during a walk alone, with a woman (to which Guinea is experiencing romantic feelings) and finally, with friends of both sexes.

The result is eloquent: step men slowed down an average of 7% in cases when the subject to the lady breathed unevenly. While walking with a woman with whom he had a friendship exclusively, carried out at the same speed as usual.

The authors note that this phenomenon is not unique to humans, but occurs among other species, which it is, apparently, the same goal — the conservation of energy in favor reproduction.

Thus, nature is conceived so that the man sometimes have to sacrifice something for the sake of women, in particular — speed rhythm of life.
How to make these sacrifices not in vain? Any real man will confirm that nothing is more important than the health of his beloved.