The incident occurred in the building of Europe the message reads the Secretary-General of the EU Council at the organization's website. "A technical problem affected the ventilation in the kitchen of building "Europe" that created noxious fumes in kitchens, led to the fact that some kitchen workers were poisoned," — said the head of Department.

As a result, five were hospitalized, reported in the emergency services. Just poisoning was got by 15 people according to Yahoo News with reference to AFP. "At the level of the kitchen having a bad combination of chemicals. This has led to the emergence of vapors which 15 people were poisoned", — told the Agency Pierre Mays, a representative of the emergency services Brussels.

"Belgian fire and medical services were brought today to investigate the situation and evacuation of the kitchen staff, which got a bad feeling. Primarily guided by the principles of safety, we decided, in consultation with the Belgian authorities, evacuate personnel from the building of Europe the building of Justus of Lipsius as a precaution", — stated in the message.

At present it appears the source of the problem, said the Secretary General. The investigation is part of the Belgian service.

The Council of the EU has assured that the incident will not prevent the holding of the forthcoming meeting of the European Council, to be held on October 19-20.