2 Feb the government on the closed part of the meeting considered the question of the risks for the Latvian fishermen engaged in fishing snow crab in the Barents sea after the European Commission announced the innovation of this year — the need to approve the permit for fishing with Russia.

The Ministry of agriculture has indicated that an alternative to fishing snow crab in this area would be the fishing in the Spitsbergen area, which is controlled by Norway. For this it is necessary to ratify signed on 9 February 1920 in Paris Treaty on Svalbard between Norway, USA, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and Ireland.

Currently, fishing of snow crab in the Barents sea are actively 8 of the Latvian fishing vessels. In 2014-2015, the catch exceeded 2200 tons, worth about 5.5 million euros. Five ships are made well as the processing of crabs. On ships there are approximately 120 people. This is a promising sector of the fishery, as snow crabs — an expensive product that is in demand.

Russia and Norway are States of the coast of the Barents sea. Earlier agreement on the catch of snow crab from these States is not required.