Strouma told BNS that he had not received an official invitation to participate in the meeting on Wednesday. She also believes that she should not be judged in connection with his views.

"Wrote that this case would be considered without my presence. Don't want to participate in such pointless discussions", she added.

As reported, the "Consent" on January 26, 2015 filed in court Zemgale suburb of Riga Declaration against Straujuma, who at the time was Prime Minister, with a request to award him moral damages of 100 euros.

"Consent" requested to falsify affecting the honor and dignity of a statement Tuesday, that while "the victory of the party "Consent" on elections to the Seimas may threaten the independence of Latvia". The party was asked to oblige Straujuma to withdraw the statement and apologize, and award him moral damages of 1000 Euro, previously told the press-Secretary of the party, Katrina Iljinska.

Press Straujuma Secretary Aiva Rozenberga told BNS earlier — I wonder what "Consent" it took so much time to go to court. She added that Straujuma will not abandon their words.

Straujuma in a parliamentary election day, the journalists expressed the hope that "Consent" will not gain many votes, important as the security of Latvia, and "Agreement" has to threaten her.