As reported in CROWE, the decision was made given the financial situation in the institution.

As explained by the head of human resources CROWE Kristine Briede, were considered all possibilities to avoid a reduction in the number of employees — this year, the Commission did not even increase the salaries of employees in accordance with the unified remuneration system in the public sector.

"Some of the staff we were forced to reduce salaries, cut allowances for additional responsibilities and quality of work. At the same time reduced the costs of travel, training, procurement, etc.," said Briede.
Previously, CROWE said that this year in the budget of the institution is not enough 600 thousand, if you do not change the amount of the fee for the regulation.

"So you have to analyze the costs CROWE and look for opportunities to save," said the Agency head Roland Ircles, adding that 73% of the costs of the regulator are the salaries of the employees.