• The source said the dismissal of the team "Let them talk" with the First channel

  • Team talk show "Let them talk" left the channel. About it journalists were reported by the informed source. Resignation the leader of the program Andrey Malakhov, in his words, "most likely, is not signed yet". Participants of the shooting said that in the new issue of Malakhov's place was taken by Dmitry Borisov.

    Team talk show "Let them talk" left the channel. About this informed source reported RIA Novosti Saturday, August 12.

    According to the interlocutor of journalists, the situation with resignation the leader of the program Andrey Malakhov is unclear, it is "probably not yet signed".

    The producer of "Let them talk" Natalia, Galkovich published on the page Instagram the video, which the programme staff are leaving the television station "Ostankino", carrying their stuff and a cardboard figure Malakhov in full size. In the post says that Galkovich already found a new job.

    In turn, stylist Vlad Lisovets told the Agency that participated in the filming of the new issue of the talk show. Leading, according to him, was Dmitry Borisov, however, no announcement to this effect has not been done. "Guests are the same, all the same, just not Andrew. Didn't say anything, I'm all the way thought he was out, appears that it will be a surprise, but no. No one appeared, the program began and ended. Talking about Andrew," said he.

    Earlier, a source on the First channel reported, the situation with Malakhov should finally be clarified on Monday, August 14.

    About a possible departure of Malakhov the First channel at the end of July reported journalist Egor Maksimov. According to him, the presenter planned to start work on RTR. In telekooperation said that this is "physically cannot happen" because the user is on vacation.

    Appeared rumors candidates for the role of a new host "Let them talk". The names were called Dmitry Shepelev Dmitry Borisov. The first refused to comment and advised to contact the press-the channel service, the second was recommended to watch other programs.


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