Casual sex is not associated with youthful love and big feelings, negatively affects the psyche of adolescents, making them more likely to exhibit episodes of sexual harassment. The study showed that the most harassment can take the form of different kinds of verbal bullying, spreading rumors, and even physical violence.

According to scientists, once Teens engage in casual sex, they usually begins to fantasize and intimate Affairs, so it seems more acceptable to have sex without any emotional intimacy and mutual commitment.

Even more surprisingly, young people who have experienced sexual harassment more often and they themselves are practicing casual sex. The study's authors believe that this creates a vicious circle, so the attitude towards sexual harassment needs to change.

This study was conducted by experts from the Norwegian University of science and technology, which decided to study the physiological mechanisms behind sexual harassment among adolescents. Their findings are made on the basis of communication with 1 326 boys and girls, heterosexual with a mean age of 18 years.

Scientists have observed for the two non-physical types of harassment. The first was between members of the opposite sex, and the second type is between teenagers of the same sex. For example, the girls wanted to look more desirable compared to the other girls because of what they subjected them to sexual harassment.

The same was true for boys, who behaved extremely aggressive towards the other boys, if practiced casual sex. Such episodes were extremely rare among teenagers, who prefer a stable relationship based on mutual feelings.