Scientists have discovered that if healthy people retire one year later the retirement age to 65 years (the study was conducted in the US), they will reduce the risk of early death by 11 percent.

While the cause of death can be anything, even if we take into account such factors as demographics, lifestyles, and various chronic diseases. Those who consider themselves unhealthy also live longer if you continue to work.

Experts analyzed data collected between 1992 and 2010, while long-term studies on ageing and conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan. Of the more than 12 thousand of its members have been selected 3 thousand people, who retired in 2010.

Poor health is one of the reasons why people retire earlier. To exclude the influence of this factor, the researchers divided the participants into two groups: those for whom poor health was the reason for the refusal to work, and those who indicated that retirement was dictated by other considerations. It turned out that even unhealthy people who have worked for a year longer, reduces the risk of early death by 9 percent.

According to scientists, this effect can manifest itself not at all, but the work can bring many economic and social benefits, which potentially affect life expectancy.