"Among them there are representatives of the ruling circles of Vladimir Putin. Judge Jose de La Mata, investigating the activities of the Tambov and Malyshev" mafia groups, indicates that each of those who charged, "is accused of very serious acts," writes the journalist Fernando lázaro.

A warrant issued on the background of the operation "Troika", which the Spanish law enforcement agencies conducted in 2008 against the "Tambov" and "Malyshevskaya" organized crime groups. As writes the Spanish newspaper "Tambov" was led by Gennady Petrov, and the "Malyshev" was controlled by Alexander Malyshev".

"As a result of the operation were arrested both the crime boss and about 20 people, but during the lengthy investigation revealed that the mafia network is more extensive and has access to the Russian sphere of power," the article says El Mundo.

Judge de La Mata has issued a warrant for the arrest of Vladislav Reznik. "This is a large figure in the financial and political world of Russia in the sphere of government closest to Putin," — said in the article.

According to the court order of arrest, drawn up by the judge of the National court, Reznik carries out those actions that are required, legal or illegal (trafficking in influence, privileged information, etc.) before the higher courts in Russia, for the benefit of Petrova and interests of the organization, which is subordinate to the last." The judge observes: "the Relationship between Petrov and Reznik, moreover, are of economic nature, both in Spain and in Russia". Also sent an international warrant for the arrest of Diana Gindin, the wife of the butcher, the correspondent.

"Another one of those who filed a claim, the national high court, — Nikolay Aulov, head of the Main Department of the MIA of Russia in the Central Federal district. The leaders of the mafia circuits have used this high-ranking official of the security Agency, "to take action in the Supreme administrative authorities of Russia", as stated in the document the judges.

"The villages uses his power and has trusted people to carry out acts of intimidation or threatening to certain people who are trying to harm Petrov", — writes the edition.

Issued a warrant for the arrest of Leonid christoforov, who, according to the newspaper, "acted as liaison with Aulbum".

The list also featured Igor Sobolevsky. "According to the judge in your document, this alleged member of the criminal scheme was Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor's office (in the original "first Vice-Minister in the Directorate, which was in charge of the investigation of particularly serious crimes")