23 March at 17.00 in the Museum of Romans Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova and 25 March, Saturday at 12.00 in the conference hall of the Rietumu Bank – lecture "the Amazon art. The twentieth century"

In the history of art by women, as a rule, included in the role of the muses, heroines, inspirer and companion of great artists. Only a few were able to Express themselves as creators of their own works, and only the twentieth century brought the woman artist to the forefront of the creative life. Their difficult creative and personal fate, themes and images of their art will be the subject of another lecture from a cycle "the Image of women in art".

24 March at 18.00 in the conference hall of the Rietumu Bank – lecture "the art of the ineffable mysteries. Symbolism".

The symbolists discovered art the world of dreams, dreams and vague desires, the world is highly subjective experiences, emotions and fears, untold feelings, forebodings and brilliant insights. Everything was to experience and to experience humanity in the XX century, foretold by them, long before its occurrence. And yet, their creations and today is full of alluring and elusive mysteries, enveloped in a spicy aroma symbolist sleep.

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