Cutting method, first, determines the shape of the cheese, and secondly, important and its texture — soft cheese, semi-solid or solid. In addition, people in the know take in the most suitable helpers for each type of cheese knife. If the kitchen none available, suitable and versatile, sharp and smooth knife. It is undesirable to use a serrated knife and "cut" the cheese — instead, the piece recommended to cut uniform, smooth motion.

Triangular pieces of hard and semi-hard cheese ("Russian", Trikata Emmental, Gouda, Parmesan, Reserve and other) will be easier to cut if before serving to give them some time to stand at room temperature.

Challenge could be the division into proportional parts are cut from large wheels of cheese triangles. It turns out that this can be done quite simply. Triangular piece of cheese we must first put "on the side", and then cut the narrower part at approximately the same slices. The edge of the cheese should be divided into two proportional parts.

When making grilled cheese it can be easily cut with a classic knife or blade. So it is possible to obtain very thin slices, which will allow you to feel better rich flavor of the cheese.

To slice this cheese Trikata as Reserve or Parmesan, you can also use the knife for cleaning of potatoes. So it is possible to obtain cheese "flakes", which will be particularly delicious with a variety of salads. For cheese plate cheese, you can also break into pieces, sticking to a standard knife or a special knife for crumbling cheese.

Rectangular pieces of hard and semi-hard cheeses (for example, "Russian" or "Dutch") you can cut regular slices or triangular pieces, starting from the center.

Soft round cheeses (Camembert) should be cut into equal triangular pieces — as well as serving cakes. For soft cheese knife is designed with holes on the blade that do not allow the cheese to stick to it. If at home there is not a knife, fit and very sharp regular knife, which should be previously dipped in hot water and wipe.

In turn, these soft cheeses are triangular in shape as brie is most convenient to divide into equal pieces, cutting from the center, or cut off the nose and the remaining piece divided into approximately equal portions.

Soft cheeses should be cut into triangular pieces.

What to do with a cheese crust?

Before cutting the cheese into slices, it is recommended to cut off the crusts, resulting from the ripening of the cheese. The shrunken edges of the cheese indicate the duration of the natural ripening of cheese. For example, in cheeses of Parmesan type crust thick enough, as they Mature from one year to several years. Have a semi-hard cheese crust is usually a little thinner. But the white crust of soft cheeses can safely eat!