As notes the edition, incident happened on 17 November 2014. It is known that the 42-year-old woman came to Ireland from continental Europe and rented an apartment with a familiar man. On November 17 she returned home, where he found his friend with a stranger, drinking alcohol together.

The victim went to his room to watch TV, then looked to her friend, who decided to introduce her to their friends. The woman sensed something was wrong, and after the men left her room, propped the door of the kitchen cupboard. But the stranger was able to break in to it, knocked to the ground and started to bite my chest. Despite active resistance by the victim, the Latvian raped her. After that, he got dressed and said: "If I want to have sex with you, I'll get it",

The victim told about the assault to his friend, who called the police, and the woman was taken to the hospital. The rapist was later arrested in Limerick.
After the attack, the woman returned to his country and still lives in a depressed state: medication and fears of men. Also she is still afraid that the rapist will find her.

The defendant's lawyer said in court that her client was drinking before the crime about a week and didn't realize what he's doing. At trial, the defendant apologized to the victim.

The court sentenced the citizen of Latvia to 7 years of imprisonment.