"I was just in shock. Please help! What happened, it freaked me out" - with tears in his eyes asks Natalia. With four-meter height fell her sister and their six children. The woman received a fracture of the heel in three places. For two months she was put in plaster. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the woman came to visit from St. Petersburg and go back home, she can in the best case within two months. This means that all the cares of sister and children fell on the shoulders of Natalia.

"Children have a huge psychological shock. My six year old son is afraid to fall asleep, he says: mom I'm scared, I see it as falling... Sister can't really move," says Natalia, trying to pull myself together, but the voice again breaks down and a woman crying.

The family already had to pay a lot of money for medical services: call the ambulance cost 94 Euro, gypsum cost 43 euros, painkillers more than 20. Today Natalia with her sister will go to the surgeon, for the visit and bandaging will again have to pay. "But still require rehabilitation, wheelchair. As I work, I need to find a nanny and a caregiver for the sisters, - says Natalya. The question was suggested whether the user Cinevilla financial assistance, the woman replied: "I was asked to come to him and get 500 € ".

"Most of all I resent the fact that the leadership kinogorod stubbornly continues to insist that all the signs and tape were. At the checkout we just said, you can't climb on the objects, which is enclosed ribbons. So on those decorations! But the next day it was already full of signs and ribbons," says the reader.

We will remind, in conversation with DELFI Reporter Manager Cinevilla Mareks Dambis, said that even at the entrance visitors are warned that in the territory build new scenery and something to climb on them is prohibited. "This information in Latvian and English is available at the cash register. Furthermore, when buying tickets, the cashier verbally warned about it. Also information booths located on-site, and the buildings themselves are fenced with ribbons, this particular red-white" - he said, adding, however, that may feed someone interrupted.

Natalia asks to respond all who can confirm her words - those who saw what happened, or just walking on this day kinogorod. Can be contacted by e-mail: [email protected]