Examining the territory of Sarkandaugava, inspectors found the source of the stench. As it turned out, to blame the company, reports news Agency LETA with reference to the press service of the VVD.

In VVD note: most likely, at night or early in the morning of 20 April, the company performed works on overload with the use of fuel, which increased the content of mercaptans (organic sulfur compound in which oxygen is replaced by sulfur). This has led to the emergence of a gas with a characteristic odor.

On the morning of 20 April, bad smell in the air still felt, but gradually began to disappear. In the service environment note that the stench of the Sarkandaugava no longer apply.

The inspectors VVD, having ascertained the source of the odor, I requested information from the company, which is guilty in occurrence of this situation.