• International students received a residence permit, disappear from Latvia

  • Latvian laws, allowing foreign students to obtain a residence permit (residence permit), led to the formation of a business niche that you are actively using the Latvian higher education institutions. It is reported by the program More personīga on channel TV3.

    Potential students will be charged fees for registration of necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit. In turn, the structure of state security addressed to the Ministry of education asking them not to leave the residency process without attention and control it more strictly, because under the guise of students in the country can enter terrorists and spies. There have been cases where potential students, getting a residence permit, has left Latvia and disappeared without a trace in Europe. So it was with three students from Pakistan.

    According to Management on Affairs of citizenship and migration Affairs (OCMA), at the beginning of the year in Latvia studied 4 894 foreign students who have received a residence permit. Half of them — 2 356 — came from countries outside the EU.

    Interest in such opportunities to obtain a residence permit is great, however not all aliens can collect the documents necessary to obtain it . Academic information center, which considers whether a prospective students the criteria for obtaining a residence permit, last year conducted a review 5 900 foreigners. In recent years the interest in obtaining residence permit in Latvia has doubled.

    As noted by Nekā personīga, the Minister of education Karlis Sadurskis believes that there are universities that attract foreign students honestly, but there are some universities who see in this process except for a slight profit.

    Some time ago a leader in applications for a residence permit for foreign students was the Latvian business College. Academic information center considered 2 564 applications from foreigners wishing to study in LBK, which is more than the number of foreign students of RTU and Riga University. P. Stradins together. For paperwork with foreigners took 1 104 euros, and the paperwork was only after receiving this amount.

    However, it is worth noting that to date, RBC has stopped accepting students from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    Recall that recently, the security Police released a report which indicated that there is a growing risk that, posing as students, to Latvia and other Schengen countries can enter the radical people associated with terrorist organizations.

    As reported in the PB report, last year in Latvia had an enrollment of 200 students from countries where a significant presence of terrorists.

    Although since 2014 the number of such students has not changed significantly, the BOP has noticed a trend that over the past year intensified a campaign to attract students in countries where there is a large presence of terrorists.

    PB notes that the review of the potential of foreign students is carried out very superficially, and therefore increases the risk of posing as students in Latvia can penetrate radical face.


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